Thursday, February 21, 2013

Farmin On: Day Four

Today was rodent-trap-weeding-row-cover day. Gil, Lori, Annie and I also dug a ditch near the hoop house, which is one of the green houses containing lettuce.  The ditch was a semi-circle and dug for irrigation purposes when the rains come! (Farmers gotta be prepared.) Inside the semi-circle Gil and Lori planted herbs, one being sorrel, my new favorite herb. (Though it does look like it belongs in the lettuce family). Sorrel tastes tangy and awesome. I don't think I've ever had it before but I'm looking forward to incorporating it into future dishes.
Diggin and planting

It was ridiculously nice out today too--it reached seventy degrees (THIS is what I came here for!!)

I am tired today. Farm + blogging keeps me up late because I want to capture every detail to share with YOU. If that ain't love...

Anyways, a bunch of house mates have gone to an agricultural conference in Albany (They say it Al-bany here, not smooth like in New England. I like the the Southern flavor.) and we're expecting visitors this weekend that may work on the farm. The people I work and live with are great hosts.

Where's the chard??????
I'm dropping a few pics and hitting the hay today, g'night and enjoy, y'all!

Size comparison. Organic carrots taste sooo.good.

Swiss Charrrrd!!!!!!!!

ginger snaps/almond butter/marshmallow/
chocolate/coconut/WOW-->try it!!


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