Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Day Three: Wait, this is only Day Three??

Annie said the days all start melding together and I think that's true. I feel like I've been here for...longer than last Saturday, Feb 16!

This morning was freezing. I worked in the greenhouse transplanting trays and trays of bokchoi with Annie until lunch. We transplanted because they needed more room to grow, so we used bigger pots.

Each day we eat lunch at White Oaks' restaurant called Pasture to Plate, and volunteers eat in exchange for labor which is a cool perk.  The restaurant is a fairly new establishment that comes in pretty handy for employees, since the nearest restauarant is fifteen miles away.  The meals consist of the farm's vegetables and livestock which is beautiful.  Structurally, it's a large, open air pavilion with picnic tables underneath.  On weekends it becomes a fancy restaurant.  I've heard fabulous things about it.

Today was also an important day because Annie and I got an enthusiastically narrated and thorough tour of all of White Oak Pastures by Tripp, the organic farm manager. This farm is so much larger than I thought--the fields (of gold) go on forever. We saw the cows and sheep grazing as well as a few chickens. And as I promised the sweet girls I babysit, the pictures of the animals are here, enjoy!!

How surreal is this?? Amazing picture. Photo cred: Tripp

Blehhhh!! Moooooooo!

Annie and I also varnished a wooden display rack that's going to show off the farm's organic produce in the White Oaks store. We also did a lil weeding and the day was dunn. Farmers need shut eye, so I am going to get some of that. And maybe count sheep hahahhahaha. Had to.
With warmth, affection, and grazing animals,


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