Sunday, February 10, 2013

Leapfrogs, Renting Rooms & Running Around Manhattan. Amazing.

I just had the craziest, most amazing day. Whirlwind of activity, whirlwind of emotions!!!

I got to see special friends today and drink cappuccino with them and talk about the joy of movement and dance and art and tree houses.

I felt the impulse to go home to RI for my brother's birthday. I bought a bus ticket on a whim and didn't get a seat on the bus due to a reduced bus schedule because of Nemo the snowstorm monster. (Oiii, Svet!)

I had my first taste of Turkish food with my beautiful Turkish friends and finally meet my good friend's special someone :) ...with more great conversation.

And I come home feeling very full and inspired. Wanting to write lots and collage lots.

Oh and also an important need, friends:

If anyone knows anyone who needs a room in Astoria from mid February to mid March, please contact me! I'll give a reasonable rate and my room totally rocks. Here's the Craigslist ad. I have an airbnb add up too with a more comprehensive description. Email me through that if you want more information.



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