Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is Wonderful…In My Very Own Apartment!!!

It is.  So much so that it took me a full month to blog another entryyy.  Gahh! I’ve missed y’all* too. And now fall is upon us--I have experienced so many more New York sites and souds (most of which are documented in pictures on my phone—and will be uploaded) but most of all, yes, I have an apartment! (Does a dance and twirls around) It is located in charming Astoria, Queens, and is an enormous weight lifted off of my shoulders.  (But now neck is tense…need a massage…oh, thank you Living Social for giving me a $120 massage for $30!)
                I am going to break down the important points into a list so y’all won’t get bogged down with my verbosity, and then I might be verbose again.  Forgive the outline/note looking form...
1)      Found an apartment in Queens and have three great house mates
2)      Dad is amazing and came to help move me in and repainted and fixed a bunch of things in need of repair. Very grateful. (It’s my Daddy’s birthday today! Happy birthday Andrey G!)
3)      Work is going well, though the adjustment to a full time job is challenging. (Took my first business trip to Philly a few weeks ago and it was great!)
4)      Have met some very cool people
5)      Have seen more parts of the city

a.       Columbia U (First Things Erasmus Lecture)
b.      Chelsea area (Love & Responsibility NYC)
c.       5th Ave
d.      Upper East side (church & wanderings & potential apt)

6)      Very excited to have friends come and visit
7)      Very excited to further explore more of Manhattan
8)      Very excited to step into a more normal routine (except that whole lack of sleep thing…)
9)      Very excited to find a church & volunteer somewhere—maybe doing something Pro-Life.
This is bare bones…I have sooo many more things I want to write!!! But a start nonetheless...Rome wasn't built in a day! I am exhausted and going sleep on my own comfy bed!! (That's right, my own bed!) :D  I’ll see you before November 25th (har har…) Until then, take care, and be well.*
Me with my first street
vendor donut!
Way better than Dunkin.
St. Vincent Ferrer Church
*Shout out to Sarah Ryan and Michelle Reeves with the y’all, I love my southern sisters J
*Charles Hartman says this, and I love it.  Don’t just do well, be well. Hmmm….

The beautiful Upper East Side