Saturday, February 16, 2013

On the Road

I've been on a Greyhound bus (regrettably not a Peter Pan, my magical favorite) since 8 a.m. yesterday morning. I am at my last transfer spot in Florida. Yes, FLORIDA. Jacksonville, so northern Florida, but nonetheless quite weird and excellent to see palm trees in the middle of winter. I wish my good friend Viviana could come up from Miami--it would be so lovely to see her. Oh, my long distance friendships!

Anyhow, after this connection we go back up to Georgia, which I should reach before noon. I've gotten some sleep on the bus and noticed travel companions, a few people who have been on all of the same buses as me from the morning. A silent sense of camaraderie exists between us. Yesterday in Fayetteville, NC a man named Bruce sat next to me and we talked some about our families and work.

Bruce has had a lot of jobs in his lifetime and quite a few medical procedures too. We talked about the body's amazing ability to heal itself under the right conditions and about learning biofeedback to lower heart rate. He likened biofeedback to a sort of meditation and I would like to learn more about that with my mind-body connection fascination. Bruce is going to care for his dad out in Georgia before and after an eye surgery. Both Bruce and his father served in the military, and they both went to Vietnam. Thank you for your service, Bruce. I loved one thing especially that he said with regards to work--if work is your whole life its easy to become discontented and bored, but with other hobbies, interests, and involvements, jobs are put in perspective. Seek balance. What you do is not necessarily what you are. Hmmmm.

Talking about our families made me miss mine and spurred phone calls to my parents. I got to talk to Andrey Jr.!!

With that, I can't wait to see Annie in under six hours! The Greyhound bus has no WiFi. Whenever I bring a laptop I generally don't use it--I am typing this up on my phone. Oi.

By the way, I do feel like y'all are in my pocket. This is wonderful. Off to do some stretches before boarding again. Gotta be good to the body that's so good to me!


  1. Sounds like Svet needs an iPad for the real time updates. Hear that, daddy? ;)

  2. Bruce is my father. He gave me the link to your blog and said you had given it to him, and also that you talked on the long ride. I read your blog to him and he really enjoyed it. Thanks for keeping him company on the ride. He loves to talk and your company definitely made the long ride more enjoyable.:)

    1. Aw, I'm glad. Thanks for telling me that. I enjoyed talking to him as well. Best line that I actually didn't mention in a post: "Talking to strangers is fine, just don't go anywhere with 'em." --Bruce, The Man. If this is Bruce's daughter (I can't tell by the email address) I hope you find a job you enjoy more very soon. I know how tough that can be. In the meantime, balance... :)

    2. I am his daughter. :) And thanks for the well wishes! I need as many as I can get. Hopefully my luck will make a turn for the better soon. :) At least I have my horse to make the day more bearable. And I hope you're enjoying farming!

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  4. Uncle O you are beyond words funny funny funnnny. He's talking to me right now about purchasing a new computer. Bleh :)