Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Last Week in Pictures

@ a park in lower Manhattan

Longtime Ukranian friend Irina came to visit and indulged me
with Mexican coffee :) And tic tac toe!

Subway Art. One of my favorite favorite aspects of NYC.
See the dancing mosiac at W 66th/Linconln Center!

Look at the gradiations of color from tree to tree.
 Amazing! Beautiful! Vital!

"Conduct your bloomingin the noise and thie whip of the whirlwind."
Subway Wisdom. Mosaic at Lex/59th, lower level between the
4 & 5 express trains and the N/Q/R.
So much more stunning in person because envelops the WHOLE
Some little Sunbeams I found. They make me happy happy
happy. Petals look like strokes from a paintbrush. Ooooh this makes me
want to play with paints...

OMG. They all had red flowers balancing above the stems unil
it rained :(  Look at a few blog entries before this & you'll see the red lovely

 i love. this quote.
More subway art. Forget where...there's an app for this!
I am going to get it!!

Oh somewhere. Would adding locations help/be nice?
Or is the aesthetic experience enuf????

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