Monday, May 6, 2013

Greek Orthodox Easter, Cinco De Mayo, Rumi, Jung ...

Living in Astoria, there are many many Greek people here. You'll be able to tell from this architecture we've got going. Curvy wrought iron designs, thick silver gates--fancy stuff. I feel like I'm in Greece sometimes--the style isdistinct and I've come to like many of the variations--although sometimes I still feel it can be too ostentatious.

Anyhow, yesterday I was sitting on our makeshift porch having lunch (an amazing awesome salad I created with shrimp and calamari leftovers--yeaHs!), feeling a bit crestfallen that I don't like tequila or margaritas and so couldn't think of a way to celebrate Cinco de Mayo...then I look to my left and the Greek neighbors next door were having a get together--tons of family, food, and a lamb cooking over an open flame. Woah! (I have to admit this also made me really want to rewatch My Big Fat Greek Wedding.)

The journal entry that started this post

There are many lions gaurding entry ways--
one on either side like at NYPL. I like them.

Sometimes the metal is painted bright colors like green or red.

Pretty much tricked out.
[Click for zoomed in view--you'll see the beautiful detailing]

I found out it was Greek Orthodox Easter the previous day while eating at Kyclades on Saturday--friends have said that it's Greek dining at it's best and so renown that Manhattanites come to Astoria for it.  It completely deserves the praise--I highly recommend. I had the grilled shrimp and we had a mouthwatering Greek salad. Wow. But they had their windows painted with "Happy Easter" and I'm thinking "Wow, the decor is a bit behind herrrre..." Thankfully my experience the next day righted my understanding and totally redeemed Kyclades' aesthetic choices. I feel Greeks, Italians and Russians have much in common with regards to emphasis on family and FOOD. They always want to feed you and take insult if you are full, or don't want what they're loving on you. Food is love in many ways...

Anywho, I had a great weeked with friends. Monisha was visiting from Vancouver--a distant, beautiful land!! We had some great talks and she has an amazing love and appreciation for Astoria that's rubbed off a bit on me--never a bad thing! Local pride! Boom.

Gorgeous friendship flowers Mo
got for the apartment--thanks Mo :)
I want to add about thirty more photos and write a few more paragraphs but I am so sensitive about sleep I must turn in soon--ahhhh so hard to be disciplined even with something so vitally important! Why why whyyy.

I went to a Rumi poetry recitation/music concert on Sunday night that I will write about next, it was amazing--I got some on video and so want to share that mystical magic. And I went to my first Transpersonal Psych group event at the Jung Center downtown that was a fabulous and thought provoking discussion about archetypes and personal mythology...will write about too.

All the best. And then some.

P.S. All this amazing stuff going on friends, so come visit!
Don't make me come after you...



  1. inspired by you, tomorrow i'm headed to the jung center here in houston! also your why why whyyyyy paragraph made me lol. go girl! -annie

  2. Annie that's fabulous, do tell me what you encounter! Why why whyyy did that paragraph make you laugh?? ;) xo be safe and keep rockin.