Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Life is Wonderful…In My Very Own Apartment!!!

It is.  So much so that it took me a full month to blog another entryyy.  Gahh! I’ve missed y’all* too. And now fall is upon us--I have experienced so many more New York sites and souds (most of which are documented in pictures on my phone—and will be uploaded) but most of all, yes, I have an apartment! (Does a dance and twirls around) It is located in charming Astoria, Queens, and is an enormous weight lifted off of my shoulders.  (But now neck is tense…need a massage…oh, thank you Living Social for giving me a $120 massage for $30!)
                I am going to break down the important points into a list so y’all won’t get bogged down with my verbosity, and then I might be verbose again.  Forgive the outline/note looking form...
1)      Found an apartment in Queens and have three great house mates
2)      Dad is amazing and came to help move me in and repainted and fixed a bunch of things in need of repair. Very grateful. (It’s my Daddy’s birthday today! Happy birthday Andrey G!)
3)      Work is going well, though the adjustment to a full time job is challenging. (Took my first business trip to Philly a few weeks ago and it was great!)
4)      Have met some very cool people
5)      Have seen more parts of the city

a.       Columbia U (First Things Erasmus Lecture)
b.      Chelsea area (Love & Responsibility NYC)
c.       5th Ave
d.      Upper East side (church & wanderings & potential apt)

6)      Very excited to have friends come and visit
7)      Very excited to further explore more of Manhattan
8)      Very excited to step into a more normal routine (except that whole lack of sleep thing…)
9)      Very excited to find a church & volunteer somewhere—maybe doing something Pro-Life.
This is bare bones…I have sooo many more things I want to write!!! But a start nonetheless...Rome wasn't built in a day! I am exhausted and going sleep on my own comfy bed!! (That's right, my own bed!) :D  I’ll see you before November 25th (har har…) Until then, take care, and be well.*
Me with my first street
vendor donut!
Way better than Dunkin.
St. Vincent Ferrer Church
*Shout out to Sarah Ryan and Michelle Reeves with the y’all, I love my southern sisters J
*Charles Hartman says this, and I love it.  Don’t just do well, be well. Hmmm….

The beautiful Upper East Side


  1. Dear Svet,
    I wish you the best with your new apartment!
    -Joshua Sargent
    P.S. I don't know why I am Pierre.

  2. HEY SVET! Whatcha doin' for a full time job? I'm an editorial assistant for Pearson in Boston but that's probably boring compared to whatever you have goin' on. :) I can relate about full-time jobs being a HUGE adjustment. Where does the time go? How do I not have homework when work is done?! How am I living on my own; this must be some kind of terrible mistake!!! etc etc etc.

    I love the photo on the top of your blog, btw. For some reason, it reminded me of the VP campaign posters we did that got banned (which still makes me smile). I have a sweet SLR camera now, so if you're ever in Boston (or I'm in New York) or we somehow meet inbetween, we should totally do a silly photo shoot!